la ballata del rimorso


La ballata del rimorso is a tale about mental disorders and their relation with the body. It translates the complex multiplicity of symptoms, causes and consequences, within a metaphorical dialogue between photography, texts and installation (a puppet, audio and video).
The project follows 4 written stories, that merge in a single tale about a disease that shakes feminine bodies and minds.
A bite.
The tarantula is back.

Departing from the complex and fascinating phenomenon of Italian Tarantism, I built a fictive story, as if Tarantism would come back and spread in our days. I used the pattern of Tarantism syndrome to work on two different layers: from one side the question about the relation between body and mind, a question that arose urgently within the background of the pandemic, and on the other side I wanted to work on the construction of a myth, as an ancestral form of narration that might still be contemporary. In the middle of a global crisis, could mythology explain what is still too slippery to understand?

The project is the result of a collaboration with performers / acro-dancers, each of whom not only “played” the character but contributed with their experience to shape and inspire the story. The work is ideally presented within a room where the audio of the story (about 20min) is played in loop. Upon entering the room, the spectators will then casually listen to parts of the story, making their own associations between what they hear and see on display.

Tarantism Tarantism Tarantism Tarantism Tarantism Tarantism