the sun beyond your eyes


You see nothing
at the same time you look

When the light bumps our eye, our sensitive cells light up and in a micro-fraction of second, we see.
That’s why we’re constantly living with a slight delay.
This, for me, is memory.

“The sun beyond your eyes” is a work about memory, its visual nature and its relation to reality. Departing from my own personal memory I started to create and assemble photographic images to reproduce an imaginary world, questioning how we eventually outline the boundary between imaginary and real. As human beings, do we crave more reality or a beutiful way to tell it? In this scenario memory seems to me the very first form of visual storytelling that we naturally developed. Could memory be the first ancestor of photography?

Through the use of light infiltrations and damaged films with a grungy, old camera 6x6, I recreated my personal memory where the light both reveals and covers the shots, as memory both depicts our mind and changes reality creating an illusionary world.

The work will soon become paper, in a self-published handcrafted photobook. (coming in 2022)

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